Prachuap Khiri Khan requests more funds to improve road safety


Prachuap Khiri Khan Province is stepping up efforts to secure funds from the Road Safety Fund for 2024 to enhance road safety and reduce accidents.

On July 3, 2024, at Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Hall, Governor Somkid Chantamanu chaired a meeting of the Subcommittee on the Allocation of the Road Safety Fund.

The meeting was attended by heads of government agencies and representatives from relevant organizations. During the meeting, five projects were reviewed and approved for fund allocation:

  1. “Kabungkon” Project (Process + Trainer) to drive the Subdistrict and District Road Safety Operation Center (RSOC) mechanism for safe motorcycle riding. Requested by: Provincial Transport Office of Prachuap Khiri Khan. Budget: 964,000 THB

2. Motorcycle Safety Promotion Project for Yang Chum Subdistrict, Kui Buri District.

Requested by: Yang Chum School. Budget: 96,800 THB

3. Traffic Knowledge Enhancement Project for motorcycle riding among students to ensure road safety. Requested by: Pranburi Vocational College.  Budget: 125,500 THB

4. Traffic Discipline Cultivation Project for children to ensure safe motorcycle riding during adolescence. Requested by: Prachuap Khiri Khan Municipality. Budget: 195,000 THB

5. “Community Without Risk Points, Safe Traffic” Project within Prachuap Khiri Khan Municipality. Requested by: Prachuap Khiri Khan Municipality Office. Budget: 211,600 THB

Additionally, the meeting acknowledged a proposal from the Provincial Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office for an integrated disaster prevention and mitigation training project, focusing on major road accidents.

A budget of 480,050 THB was allocated for this project, pending detailed revisions as suggested by the Screening Committee. This project will be reconsidered at the next Subcommittee meeting for final approval within the month.

The disaster prevention project aims to extract lessons from major accidents in the province, such as the incident involving a double-decker bus on the Bangkok-Natawee route that collided with a large tree on Petchkasem Road in Thap Sakae District.

It will also include simulations of major road accident scenarios to allow officials to practice their response skills and provide timely assistance to accident victims, thereby reducing losses in such events.