Prachuap officials warn gatherings of more than five people strictly prohibited


Officials in Prachuap Khiri Khan have reiterated that gatherings of more than five people are strictly prohibited.

People are also urged to refrain from holding private parties, meetings, festivals and events.

For traditional ceremonies, such as monk ordinations or funerals that have may already been prepared, the organisers are required to get prior permission from the local authorities before the event can go ahead.

If permission is granted, the event must have social distancing and other measures in place to limit the spread of the disease.

Officials said that rule breakers will be dealt with the strictest terms possible by law, including violation of the Communicable Diseases Act and the Emergency Decree.

The warning comes after officials revealed that a wedding party held in Bang Saphan district on August 15 resulted in 38 people needing to be quarantine after the groom’s mother was found to be infected with coronavirus.

On Tuesday (Aug 24), Mr. Lertyot Yamprai, Bang Saphan District Chief, said that evidence had been submitted to officers at Thongchai Police Station with both the bride and groom and the restaurant owners being prosecuted for their part in holding the unauthorised wedding ceremony.

They have been charged with violating the Communicable Diseases Act and the Emergency Decree, for which the maximum penalties are one year in jail and/or a fine of up to 100,000 baht.

Last month, health officials pleaded with people not to host private parties for fear of further spreading COVID-19.

That particular plea came after cluster from a birthday party held in KuiBuri resulted in 79 confirmed infections and the quarantine of 246 people who were deemed to be ‘high risk’ having come into contact with those who were infected after attending the party.

However, this most recent warning is more forceful in its tone, with provincial officials implying they will use the full force of the law to prosecute people who hold events or gatherings that breach the Communicable Diseases Act, the Emergency Decree and the rules which govern so-called ‘dark red’ provinces, which at the time of writing includes Prachuap Khiri Khan.