Prachuap to begin mass vaccination campaign against Lumpy Skin Disease

Black nodules are a symptom of lumpy skin disease in cattle.

Officials from the Department of Livestock Development are about vaccinate tens of thousands of cattle in Prachuap Khiri Khan.

The province has been allocated 94,500 doses of a vaccine that will help to contain the current outbreak of Lumpy Skin Disease amongst cattle and livestock in Prachuap and throughout Thailand.

Veterinarian Yusathira Buntukul, a provincial livestock officer, said that teams will administer the vaccines from September.

Mr Yusathira said that there had been 4,482 cases of Lumpy Skin Disease found in cattle and buffaloes Prachuap Khiri Khan so far.

Of those 1,737 have recovered, 338 have died and more than 2,400 are still sick with the disease.

Mr Yusathira said that while the outbreak appears to have peaked, new cases are still being discovered.

Meanwhile, the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) has been proactively testing wild animals in Kui Buri and Kaeng Krachan national parks.

Officials said that the majority of cases of the disease have been found amongst cattle on farms and that there has only been one confirmed case found in a wild gaur several months ago.

However, officials say that there are likely more cases among wild animals in the area and that testing will help to bring the disease under control.

Lumpy skin disease, is a viral illness that causes prolonged morbidity in cattle and buffaloes. It is spread through mosquitoes, flies and ticks.

There is no specific antiviral treatment available for LSD-infected cattle, with vaccination the only way stop the disease.

While the disease can not be transmitted to humans, health officials advise against consuming meat from LSD infected cattle.