Prime suspect in Nonthaburi murder believed to have fled to Hua Hin


Authorities are intensifying their search for a man suspected of brutally murdering his boyfriend in Nonthaburi after he was reported to have fled to Hua Hin.

Police are seeking a Thai man who allegedly killed his boyfriend, 54-year-old Pisarn Thong-on, by repeatedly stabbing him in a condo near the Ministry of Health in Nonthaburi province.

The body was discovered after a resident reported a strong odor and recalled hearing a heated argument days earlier. Officers from Mueang Nonthaburi Police Station, along with rescuers from the Ruan Katanyu Foundation, forced entry into the locked room on May 26 and found Thong-on’s body hidden under pillows and blankets, bearing over ten stab wounds.

The investigation revealed that the suspect, who was invited to Thong-on’s room before the incident, fled to Pattaya. Surveillance footage captured him on May 27, dragging a suitcase along Pattaya Beach and passing Soi 11. By the time police reached the hotel where he had stayed, the suspect had already checked out.

On May 30, police tracked the suspect’s movements to Hua Hin. A taxi driver in Pattaya recounted that on May 28, a man disguised as a Hong Kong citizen speaking English approached the taxi stand at Central Pattaya Beach and requested a ride to Hua Hin. The driver described the suspect as wearing a thin white hoodie, long pants, and a mask. They agreed on a fare of 4,000 baht, and the suspect waited for another taxi to take him.

The taxi driver who transported the suspect shared that the man communicated in English during the ride and instructed the driver to wake him near Hua Hin Airport. The suspect, who appeared to be a typical tourist and showed no suspicious behavior, paid the fare in cash and was dropped off near the Hua Hin Night Market. He was last seen dragging his suitcase into a nearby alley.

Police continue to investigate the case and urge anyone with information to come forward as they work to apprehend the suspect.