Public Dispute Resolution Centre opens at Hua Hin Police Station


A new Public Dispute Resolution Centre has opened at Hua Hin Police Station.

The centre will be responsible for mediating disputes that are classified as “petty offenses.”

These include verbal disputes, minor physical assaults, and other non-criminal issues that do not require legal intervention.

The centre is located beneath the Hua Hin Police Station and will be chaired by Mr. Woraphoj Limakom, with Lt. Col. Wasawat Charnjitpairot serving as the vice-chairman.

The centre has 15 committee members and 8 mediators, who will be responsible for resolving disputes effectively.

The centre will operate on a daily basis, and two officials will be assigned each day to handle the various cases that require mediation.

This includes mediating in such issues such as minor disputes, fraud, inheritance, land disputes, and other cases that can be resolved through mediation.

The team will comprise of experienced and trained professionals who will work together to resolve disputes and find a mutually agreeable solution to all parties involved.

Each case will be reported to the official investigators and presented to the Assistant Commander after the police have completed their official investigation.

The Public Dispute Resolution centre is expected to play a significant role in reducing the number of cases that end up in court.

By providing a neutral platform for mediation, the centre aims to reduce the workload of the police, prosecutors, and the judiciary while offering an efficient and timely resolution to the disputes.

The initiative is part of a broader plan to establish such centres at every police station throughout the country.