Rampal-Latour: Genuine Marseille soap, organic beauty and care products now available at Market Village Hua Hin


Rampal-Latour, the world famous brand of Marseille soap, arrives in Thailand with the opening of new stores at Market Village, Hua Hin and Limelight Avenue, Phuket in early December (Bangkok store opening soon). 

In addition to the new store openings, customers in Thailand will also soon be able to buy Rampal-Latour products online on the major marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada.

Since 1828, Rampal-Latour has produced Marseille soap in Salon de  Provence in the South of France using only very good quality and mainly natural and organic ingredients.

Parfums of Rampal-Latour soaps are carefully selected, including Rose de Grasse, Jasmine  de Grasse, Lavender and many natural fragrances with a very delicate smell to perfume your body, your bathroom, your house and even your car.

Marseille soaps: Suitable for all the family to use

  • Parfum soaps, shampoo, shower gels: To take care of all your body and keep the marvelous smell night and day
  • Flakes soaps: A natural laundry detergent, economic and efficient, especially for sensitive skins people and sports players
  • Black soaps: To clean all your house, kitchen, dishes, bathroom, floor, wooden or leather furniture, also for outdoor purposes and much more…

Using Rampal-Latour products is also sustainable and helps to protect the planet. Rampal-Latour uses only natural ingredients and recyclable packaging, along with its unique production process that uses 7 times less electricity and 3 times less water, making it much more environmentally friendly.

If you would like to keep your children, especially babies and young children away from chemicals, feel free to use Rampal-Latour products. Toys and clothes, even milk bottles, can all be cleaned with Rampal-Latour products.

Rampal-Latour products are exclusively distributed in Thailand by Amazing Beauty, the young specialists of natural imported products with origin guarantee. Any people or organizations interested in selling natural products from France are welcome to contact Amazing Beauty to let more and more Thai people benefit from Rampal-Latour products.

If you wish to have more details information, please contact: Khun Chayanin or Khun Maneekan at jbaptiste@ambeautythailand.com or 0891794529

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