Restaurants in Cha Am allowed to serve alcohol

Cha Am beach, file photo

Restaurants in Cha Am have been given permission to serve alcohol to customers, the Phetchaburi Communicable Disease Committee has confirmed.

Phetchaburi Governor Nattawut Petchpromsorn, who heads the committee, said that from December 1 restaurants can serve alcohol to customers until 10pm.

The rules will then be reviewed again on December 15.

Phetchaburi Governor Nattawut Petchpromsorn

The governor said the rules regarding alcohol have been relaxed due to the improvement of the COVID-19 situation in the province.

The governor added that almost all additional quarantine facilities in the province have now been closed due to a reduction in cases.

The news will undoubtedly be welcomed by restauranteurs in Cha Am.

However, there is still no word on whether the alcohol restrictions will be eased in Hua Hin.

Last week, the governor also announced the hosting of Cha-Am Food Festival which is due to take place on the Cha Am beach viewpoint between 10-12 December.