Retire in Hua Hin Easily with an Insurance for OA visa from Luma


Luma Long Stay Care is a newly introduced health insurance plan from Luma, which provides the essential coverage to satisfy the OA Long Stay Visa insurance requirement. Getting a health insurance policy must be on top of your list whether you’re already retired or planning to retire in Thailand. Luma Long Stay Care provides services that are beneficial to the sizeable expat community in the Kingdom, including a qualified medical team led by an in-house expat doctor, and efficient member support and consultation available in English, French, and Thai.

If you plan to stay in Hua Hin for your retirement, applying for the one-year OA Long Stay Visa is highly recommended. The retirement visa is eligible for foreigners who are over the age of 50 years, and comes with a health insurance requirement for 400,000 THB in inpatient coverage, and 40,000 THB in outpatient coverage. The visa grants multiple entries, and can be renewed every year. With the OA Long Stay Visa, you can stay in Thailand uninterrupted as long as the requirements are met when renewing your visa. To apply for the OA Long Stay Visa, you can follow the instructions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Exclusive Healthcare Access Extends to Bangkok for Hua Hin Residents

Luma’s Long Stay Care benefits are accessible on the coast, as direct billing service (cashless treatment within the hospital network) at private hospitals such as Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin and San Paulo Hospital is available for Hua Hin residents. Luma can also help arrange direct billing service at your preferred hospital in Hua Hin upon request. Although Hua Hin boasts quality hospitals and clinics, it is in close proximity to Bangkok where numerous medical facilities and services are also available for Luma members. Within just 200 km, you can get access to Luma’s extensive hospital network in the capital. If you’re 65 years old or older, you can get the medical check-up at one of the partner hospitals in Bangkok at a special price for Luma members only. All members can also benefit from Second Medical Opinion from Luma’s expat in-house doctor, who offers medical referral services to ensure that members receive the right medical solution.

Check out some of the features of Luma Long Stay Care:

  • Exceeds the minimum requirement of 400,000 THB Inpatient and 40,000 THB Outpatient for OA Long Stay Visa
  • Eligible up to 79 years old, and renewable until 90 years old
  • Affordable premium with a wide range of deductible options
  • Cashless service within direct billing network
  • Medical check-up at special rates for applicants over 65 years old
  • Consultation and member support available in English, French, and Thai
  • Second Medical Opinion and Medical Referral provided by the in-house expat doctor

More information about the OA Long Stay Visa insurance is available on the Luma website or below contact channels:

Phone: +66 2 494 3600
Line: @luma
Facebook: LumaHealthInsurance

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