Sanitation problems find an answer

Mayor Nopporn Wuttikul along with Municipality staff inspects the area of the Hua Hin - Pala-U bus lines concerning several issues of pollution.

Hua Hin Municipality held a meeting following complaints about pollution and sanitation problems in the area near the start of the Hua Hin-Pa La-U bus line.

Those attending the meeting included Mr Theeraphan Jadpol, director of the Public Health and Environment Division, the head of the municipal cleaning works, and representatives from local sanitation company Muang Saad Co Ltd.

Residents had brought forward issues of air and noise pollution caused by the buses, garbage odour and pigeons’ droppings around the garbage disposal site behind the parking lot, and potholes in the road, among others.

As a preliminary measure, the mayor instructed the Public Works Division to immediately make the necessary improvements. As for the sanitation issues, the garbage disposal site behind the start of the bus line has been cancelled and Muang Saad put in charge of garbage collection in the area, starting 5 October.

Residents can now bring garbage to the collection point in front of Chat Chai Market; collection times are 11 am-12 noon and 3 pm-5 pm daily.