Sky high: Drone footage shows the stop/start progress of Hua Hin ‘boardwalk’

Image: Mike's Tropical Tech

It’s the closest thing Hua Hin has to a boardwalk – Naresdamri Road in downtown Hua Hin, the approximately 500 metre stretch of road that runs from the fishing pier to the Chinese temple located close to the Hilton Hotel.

In decades gone by it was originally the hub of Hua Hin’s fishing community and while that is still true to some extent, the area is now home to a range of restaurants, guesthouses and other tourism related businesses.

However, recent years have seen a partial redevelopment of the area.

The redevelopment has been somewhat ‘stop/start’ to say the least.

And while that particular stretch of Naresdamri Road is still home to a handful of excellent restaurants, from an aesthetic point of view, the whole area currently looks like it has seen better days.

The ‘redevelopment’ began a few years ago when the local authorities ruled that some of the properties, which had been there for decades, were illegally built and encroaching onto state land.

This resulted in some of the properties, some of which were built out over the water and above the shoreline, being demolished.

Today, some of the land plots where demolition took place, not only do they remain empty, have been left almost like partial wasteland, with evidence of the demolition a bleak reminder of the unsightly mess that has been left.

The original fishing pier is arguably the biggest eyesore – left half demolished and abandoned but still very visible across the water.

The Mike’s Tropical Tech YouTube channel recently shared drone footage showing progress of the redevelopment of the area.

The channel, which is perhaps best known for its excellent monthly drone videos documenting the construction of the new train line in Hua Hin, shared a drone video of the ‘boardwalk’ area in late December 2022.

The video describes the “slow but steady progress, with one major piece of land and beach cleared, several small lots cleared and a collapsed roof in an abandoned pier.”

What’s the future of Hua Hin’s ‘boardwalk’?

For a few years there has been speculation and rumours that the area would be completely redeveloped and modernised, but that’s nothing more than speculation.

While some properties have been knocked down and others are unoccupied, there are signs of life and some small cause for optimism too.

The post COVID-19 tourism recovery has seen a handful of new businesses open in the area, while some of the properties have undergone redevelopment as owners look to secure long term rental tenants.

As for the future of the properties and businesses that remain in the area, particularly those built out and above the water, there has been some positive news.

Hua Hin Today understands that those business owners have received written and official confirmation that their properties are safe from future demolition or development.