Stamford University held an exceptional ‘new normal’ Graduation Ceremony


14 Dec, CHA-AM – On Sunday, Stamford International University held the 21st Graduation Ceremony for Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in various international programs.

Slowly marching into the Bhiraj Hall of BITEC Exhibition and Convention Centre in Bangkok, foreign and Thai senior graduates paraded proudly followed by faculty members and the University Council Committee.

Representing the committee are honourable guests Ms Hui Ma, CEO of Stamford International University (Thailand) and Acting President of Stamford Dr Apithep Saechow.

In the opening speech, Dr Apithep open-heartedly welcomed guests, university board officials, parents, faculty members and the graduates. A total of 1,005 people, both Thai and foreigners attended the ceremony with most of the guests were from Hua Hin, Cha-am and Rama IX Campus.

Seats were arranged according to the safety measures required by health office with hygiene masks being distributed to everyone in the hall.

Nevertheless, Stamford University also has strict measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, with temperature screening points before entering a premise, it’s as simple as “No masks, no entry”.

During his advisory speech, Dr Apithep gave a general lecture and expressed his appreciation for the success of all graduates. Ever since the outbreak in March, everyone’s efforts were put to a test in this school year.

Although we all are facing difficult situations currently, we just need to adjust our teachings and learning styles accordingly. Indeed the university has done a great role as an educator, as well as their obligations in keeping everyone safe and healthy.

“All the confident graduates have shown their perseverance, strived for success and achievement, and withstanding the hardships during their times in the university… until finally today, they all have graduated from Stamford International University with utmost pride.”

“Be brave to be different, dare to think and create new things, in order to achieve greater heights in work and in life,” says Dr Apithep to the newly graduates.