Super Classifieds: Hua Hin Today’s new affordable advertising package for small businesses


Hua Hin Today is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative new advertising package, ‘Super Classifieds’, poised to transform local advertising by offering an unparalleled blend of affordable print and social media exposure.

Just in time for the festive season, Super Classifieds emerges as the most budget-friendly advertising option in the region, priced at just 4,000 THB per month.

This unique package updates the traditional concept of newspaper classified ads for something more suitable for the modern day.

Super Classifieds advertisers will enjoy the unique benefit of having their businesses showcased in the print edition of Hua Hin Today, and also on its widely followed Facebook page and within its exclusive EDM newsletter.

Jonathan Fairfield, editor of Hua Hin Today, said:

“Super Classifieds is all about getting the most for less.”

“We are bridging the gap between traditional print and digital advertising, providing small businesses with an affordable yet powerful platform to expand their reach in Hua Hin.

“I am delighted we are able to offer something that small businesses in particular will be able to benefit from.”

This innovative advertising solution is particularly tailored for small businesses aiming to expand their visibility and customer base in the Hua Hin area.

Super Classifieds ensures that advertisers can tap into a wider audience, courtesy of the strategic sharing and tagging on the Hua Hin Today Facebook page, the most followed English language page in the region.

In terms of print visibility, Super Classifieds stand out with their generous size of 10cm x 14cm, a considerable upgrade from the standard classified ad dimensions of 2cm x 7cm. This enhancement ensures that advertisers’ messages are not just seen, but really noticed.

Package details (4,000 THB/per month):

  • x1 Super Classifieds ad in Hua Hin Today (6,500 copies)
  • x1 Share on Hua Hin Today Facebook page (19k followers)
  • x1 Inclusion in Hua Hin Today newsletter EDM (1.6k subscribers)
  • x1 Design of artwork (if required)

By introducing Super Classifieds, Hua Hin Today reaffirms its commitment to supporting local small businesses.

For more information on Super Classifieds and for all other advertising enquiries contact Noon:

☎️ 08 2895 6991