Surge in COVID-19 cases in Prachuap linked to clusters


Health officials have said that the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Prachuap Khiri are due to cluster outbreaks in various districts throughout the province.

On Friday, the province reported a record high of 240 new cases, with the majority of cases linked to a cluster discovered at a factory in Sam Roi Yot. On Saturday, 70 new cases were reported.

Health officials said 153 cases on Friday were found at the Takerng Industry Co.,Ltd pineapple canning factory, which has now resulted in a total of 371 cases.

In addition to the cluster at the Takerng fruit factory in Sam Roi Yot official gave details of others clusters in the province:

  1. Cluster Ban Puen Kui has found 6 more cases from a second circuit contention which was from the funerals event, bringing the total of cumulative to 128 cases in this cluster.
  2. Cluster Kuiburi factory, canned fruit factory found 14 more cases bringing the total of cumulative to 34 cases in this cluster.
  3. Cluster: 8 houses for rent, Mae Ramphueng Beach at Bang Saphan found 1 more case from a second circuit contention which bringing the total of cumulative to 23 cases in this cluster.

Health officials also gave an update on the progress of vaccinations in the province.

Currently, in 117,862 people in Prachuap have received the 1st dose of a COVID-19 vaccination, or accounting for 27.37 percent, while 54,066 people have received the second dose, which equates to just 12.55 percent of the local population.

Most of those vaccinated are those aged 60 (36.93 percent) or those with underlying health conditions (16,236 people, 38.21 percent).

Currently, 189 people who are registered as living in Prachuap Khiri Khan have returned to the province for treatment, while 146 people have been transferred to the province for treatment.