Tasting menu and conscious lifestyle event at Le Jardin on Sept 17


On September 17 a tasting menu and conscious lifestyle event will be held at the centrally located French-inspired culinary restaurant, Le Jardin Hua Hin.

Helping to showcase a number of local Hua Hin vendors and businesses, the theme of the event will be centered around health, wellness and sustainability.

“I got the idea when attending a huge global wellness event hosted in Bangkok”, said event organiser, Dina from soheartme.

“There’s been an increase in people’s awareness within the past two years around their health and how to improve their wellbeing and lifestyle, which was prominent at this event that covered everything from organic farming, gut health and alternative medicine. A holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.”

“This made me think that actually not many people know about the existing businesses in Hua Hin that provide organic, healthy and sustainable products or services. After some pondering, I decided that I wanted to somehow support the wonderful people behind these businesses that have a conscious mindset and bring their brand forward,” Dina explained.

The idea was welcomed among the local community and within a short time the list of vendors was filled to the maximum of participants.

When mentioning the idea to Carl Parker, the owner of Le Jardin, which is located on soi 90, he was more than happy to offer the restaurant as a venue. With its unique, rustic and harmonious atmosphere, nestled in the backstreets of soi 94, this would be the perfect place to host the event.

During the event you will have the opportunity to try some medical massage, hear more about organic soap making, organic farming, exotic ways from the Caribbean, individual nutritional supplements, sustainable ways of living and to purchase keto bread, handcrafted accessories and jewellery, and more. There will be a dedicated corner for livestream as well.

Le Jardin, is offering a special tasting menu for the day for 499 THB. However their à la carte is also available, if you would prefer to try something from their menu.

“I wanted to involve local businesses but had to be selective in matching the theme of a conscious lifestyle or it wouldn’t make much sense otherwise. I’m so grateful for all our sponsors and media partners, which have been generous to dedicate either funding or time so this event could become a reality. And that is basically what this is all about – us as a community, helping and contributing to a healthy and conscious lifestyle.”

“I’m sure that the residents and the tourists will find the curiosity to visit the event and be as supportive as everyone involved. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.”

For further information, check out the event on Facebook.

Le Jardin Hua Hin, Soi 90
17 Sept, 11:00 – 18:00
Free entry
📍 https://goo.gl/maps/V3hjNJpJnXYBqLCs9