TAT Prachuap Khiri Khan engages stakeholders to boost tourism in 2024


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Prachuap Khiri Khan office hosted a forum at the Hua Hin Municipality Office’s conference chamber on October 19.

The meeting, chaired by Mr Polkrit Phuangvalaisin, Hua Hin District Chief, Mr. Archawan Kongkanant, Director of TAT Prachuap Khiri Khan Office, and Ms. Busaba Choksuchat, Hua Hin City’s Deputy Mayor, sought to gather insights from industry stakeholders and tourism partners on amplifying tourism in the province.

The primary focus was the trajectory of TAT Prachuap’s tourism market operations for 2024. Representatives from both public and private sectors convened to provide a wide range of opinions on this matter.

Mr. Achawan Kongkanan emphasized that TAT Prachuap’s 2024 vision is centered around cultivating a cohesive tourism ecosystem. This would be in partnership with governmental, private, and community networks. The overarching goal is to establish the province as a hub for sustainable tourism.

Among the strategies tabled were efforts to increase both the frequency of visits and overnight stays. This involves curating unique travel experiences tailored to specific audience demographics, encouraging year-round travel in the region, and adhering to the “5 F cultural capital” philosophy, which takes into account the diverse travel behaviors of each target group.

Plans are underway to evenly distribute tourism revenue across the province’s eight districts. Highlighted initiatives include “Prachuap Hap”, TAT Prachuap’s flagship program that focuses on promoting health and happiness.

Targeted marketing efforts encompass health tourism with the events such as Hua Hin Yoga Festival, sports tourism with the Muang Thai Triathlon 2024, and varios eco tourism events, amongst other activities.

Additionally, adventure tourism has seen a surge, with health-focused camping activities notably marking their territory at Khao Lom Muak. The Hua Hin Wine Expo, an array of music activities, and traditional festivals have also been integrated as part of the plan for broader tourism promotion.

The “Amazing Weekday Project” is set to boost tourism during the workweek, aiming to distribute the influx of visitors more evenly throughout the year, particularly during holidays and festivals.

The “Internal Tourism@Prachuap” project seeks to attract foreign visitors already in Thailand to visit Prachuap Khiri Khan, offering a wide range of experiences from wellness vacations to traditional Hua Hin festivities, golf tourism, Thai boxing, food activities and other festivals.

Furthermore, the “Prachuap STAR Premium” project aspires to elevate the travel experience by offering premium quality products tailored for discerning travelers, catering specifically to the high-income demographic. In essence, it will provide high income travelers with high quality travel experiences.

In wrapping up the session, TAT Prachuap Khiri Khan expressed gratitude to partner organizations and media outlets for their efforts in championing tourism in the past year.

The consensus is clear: with united efforts, the region is poised to achieve its sustainability goals in the tourism sector by 2024.