Taxi drivers clash over foreign passengers at Hua Hin train station


An altercation involving two female taxi drivers, one of whom was a Grab driver, is being investigated by police.

The altercation took place on March 29 outside Hua Hin train station and reportedly began over a fare dispute involving a foreign family of five with their luggage.

According to a video clip posted on social media, the dispute escalated quickly, with both parties hurling insults before physically assaulting one another.

Both drivers later reported the incident to officers at Hua Hin police station.

Officers have stated that they are continuing to investigate the incident.

However, both drivers involved in the altercation have issued apologies for their involvement and for negatively impacting the image of Hua Hin.

While incidents such as these are rare in Hua Hin, it highlights the challenges faced by local taxi drivers who are in competition with ride-hailing services such as Grab.