Test results of the 10 high-risk individuals came back ‘negative’


Following the case of the 61-year-old local female who entered Hua Hin since 25 Dec, 2020 and was later tested positive of Covid-19 on 3 Jan, 2021, health authorities have traced back her timeline and the places she have visited.

According to Hua Hin Today, authorities confirmed that there were 10 ‘high-risk’ individuals including her husband and close friends who made contact with her.

All of the 10 people have been tested and the results came back ‘negative’. However, health authorities urged these individuals to self-quarantine for 14 days and run a second test.

Meanwhile, anyone who has been to places where the patient had visited during the timeline or in doubt of being ‘high-risk’, you can request for an immediate Covid test at Hua Hin Hospital.