Thailand’s largest naga statue officially unveiled at Wat Tham Chaeng in Cha-am


Wat Tham Chaeng in Cha-am celebrated the grand unveiling of Thailand’s largest naga statue on Saturday, September 9th, 2023.

Situated in the Khao Yai Subdistrict, next to Phetchaburi Immigration office, the remarkable statue stands at an impressive height of 31 meters and boasts a diameter of 2 meters for its body.

Artfully coiled, the serpent deity consists of nine twists, spanning a length of 227 meters, and is colored in the distinctive shade of Nilpal, reminiscent of a green beetle wing.

The structure was envisioned and brought to life by the gifted sculptor, Mr. Prapatt Manissa, popularly known as Teacher Pued. The construction spanned over two years.

The consecration ceremony attracted a huge turnout of both local residents and tourists.

In addition to the grand unveiling, the occasion also saw the Venerable Dr. Wichai Techathommo grant scholarships to 130 deserving local students, with each scholarship valued between 500 to 1,000 baht. Additionally, a donation of 100,000 baht was made to Cha-am Hospital, intended for the acquisition of medical equipment to further assist patients.

The festivities of the day started with a ceremony venerating the Buddha image, believed to bring good fortune to all attendees. Highlighting the consecration ceremony were performances by over 500 devotees and volunteer dancers, adorned in traditional blue Thai clothing and modern colorful Thai outfits.

A vibrant procession began from the edge of Phetkasem Road, covering a distance of about 1 kilometer, leading up to the entrance of the temple. This culminated in the primary consecration ceremony of the Grandfather Phaya Sri Phet Kiri statue, firmly establishing it as a new and notable landmark in the Phetchaburi Province.


Image: Patrick Jacobs
Image: Patrick Jacobs