The Cabinet resolved to an extension of retirement from 60 years to 63 years


The Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC) received a statement and recommendations on the employment of civil servants after 60 years of retirement.

The Committee of the Department of Social Development and Child Affairs to support the youth, women, the elderly, the disabled, and the disadvantaged.

Which the Senate has concluded as follows:


  1. Agree to delay the extension of retirement to 63 years as the pandemic has affected the economy. The government’s fiscal and budget system should invest the limited budget for hiring the vulnerable group first. When the situation is getting better, it will be considered again to accord with the next situation.
  2. Agree on hiring to utilise potential retired civil servants. For example, in a position where there is a lack of manpower, positions that require skilled personnel. Also, consider hiring government officials in other forms of retirement such as hiring a service contract or accepting work to do at home.
  3. Agree to study for reforming the pension system of local government officials.


The department is responsible for this matter and has continuously prepared information on the relevant areas.

Further study is required to obtain concrete information, operational guidelines and improving relevant laws to be consistent with each other.