The Colours of Your Aura


Written by Susanne Murphy Colour-Chakra-Aura Expert
Blopulsar Instructor
CEO Colour Energy Corporation

Did you know that when you are enjoying the sun’s rays that every colour is shining on you from Red to Violet? Sunlight contains an array of electromagnetic frequencies… colour is part of that.

The sun’s solar power stimulates our complete endocrine system, which is connected to our physical neuro-endrocrine centres and our invisible energy centres (often referred to as chakra centres).

It’s the individual colour wavelengths that when combined produce white light and vice versa. And it’s the individual electromagnetic colour wavelengths that affect each endocrine gland.

Furthermore, each endocrine gland secretes hormones that overall influence our feelings, thoughts and wellbeing. The more active a gland, the greater the increase in its hormonal production which in turn will cause a certain type of behaviour or mood. For example, it our adrenals are hyperactive we may feel overly excited, physically stronger and ready for a fight. Versus when our adrenals are fatigues we may feel lethargic, disconnected and fearful.

Based on many altering repercussions, including and not limited to: hereditary factors, dietary habits, sleeping patterns, personality tendencies, life experiences, etc., the flow of an individual’s endocrine and energy system is uniquely different. As well, every organ and brain region interconnect with each gland and energy centre.

In addition, the various frequencies of the electromagnetic wavelengths that exist within us pulsate outwardly, creating our personal colour-coded energy field (aura). The different colour combinations are distinct to each human being as the colours in our aura actually tell a story of our health, mental and emotional wellness, and even our beliefs. This means that our thoughts and wellbeing are colour-coded!

Hue Are You?

When I teach about the “personality” of colour, I try to explain how our different intelligence centres think, emote, act and so on. For example, people who have an abundance of “red” Orange comes more from an emotional, sensing point of view and yellow from a mental, intellectual point of view.

In fact, it is these three colours that connect more to a physical, emotional and mental world with their perspectives. The heart chakra is the bridge between the physical and more spiritual realms. Although all colours have a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connection, it is the colours of red, orange and yellow that are linked to the more earthly dynamics of our being.

With the computer age we will see a lot more root imbalances.
We can already see the younger generations rely more on wireless communications, both for work and recreationally, which contributes to amplifying the crown and brow intelligence centres.

It is now quite common for me to see more stress, higher and lower frequencies imbalances, and much more dehydration and depression in the aura. Could this be resultant of the increase of EMF’s in our atmosphere and fake foods in our diet; and even the decrease of natural sunlight we receive from working indoors?

What is Colour Vibrational Energy?

Sunlight consists of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. This electromagnetic energy includes cosmic rays, gamma rays, x-rays, visible light rays (colour), infrared rays, microwaves and short and long waves (radio waves).

Thus, all forms of colour energy empowers us!

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