The little known viewpoint that gives you unrivaled views over Hua Hin


Hua Hin and the surrounding area has an interesting and varied landscape.

But where can you go to see Hua Hin at its best?

Located all across the town are places that offer brilliant views of Hua Hin.

Some of the most well known locations include the Vana Nava Sky Bar at the Holiday Inn, the White Lotus Rooftop Bar at the Hilton Hotel and the viewpoints at Hin Lek Fai.

In addition, there are a number of temples which are perched high above the town that offer great views of Hua Hin.

One such temple is Wat Khao Noi, which combines a spectacular giant Buddha statue with equally as impressive views of downtown Hua Hin.

The temple is a great location to soak up Hua Hin’s landscape, sitting atop a hill and overlooking the town.

Wat Khao Noi is accessible from Phetkasem Road via Soi 58, where you need to head over the canal road and continue going straight for approximately 1 kilometre. The temple is located on your right. Failing that, just look up for the giant Buddha statue – you can’t miss it.

The giant statue at Wat Khao Noi, which features a Buddha holding an umbrella over his left shoulder and a walking stick in his right hand, was built in 2014 and is meant to serve as a guardian looking over Hua Hin.

The temple itself is a nice and peaceful place to relax, while taking in the fantastic 360 degree views of Hua Hin, including across downtown, out to the beach and towards Cha Am in the north and Pranburi in the south.

The temple and its viewpoint are open daily to the public and there is ample car parking.

Access to the temple is possible by driving straight to the car park at the top, alternatively you can climb the 101 step (and steep) staircase to the top of the temple and the Buddha statue.

If you do decide to climb the staircase to the top, you will most likely want to make use of some of the seating areas while you catch your breath.

Located next to the temple is a bustling market, known locally as Dinosaur Market. The market is one of the most popular in the area and opens from 4pm.

A good place to visit either early morning or late afternoon, head to Wat Khao Noi for great views, a nice breeze and a serene atmosphere. And be sure to check out the giant Buddha statue.

One thing to note, as with all religious sites in Thailand, visitors should dress appropriately and politely when visiting Wat Khao Noi.

Make sure your shoulders are covered (no vests, tank-tops or spaghetti straps) and although skirts or shorts are acceptable at many temples, they should be smart and at least knee-length.

Take off your shoes before entering the temple buildings. If you are wearing a hat, that should also be removed before going inside and either kept in your hand or, better still, place it in your bag. Shoes are normally left on a shelf or near the steps outside.

Also remember to keep your voice down in and around the temple and smoking, vaping, and alcohol are not allowed inside the temple grounds.

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