This is why pick up trucks with loudspeakers have been blaring announcements around Hua Hin


You might have seen, or rather heard, scores of pick up trucks driving around Hua Hin in recent weeks with announcements blaring from loudspeakers on the back.

It is because the campaign trail has started for the up coming Sub-District Administrative Organization elections which are due to take place on November 28.

The voting will seek to appoint members to the Sub-District Administrative Organization, as well as as vote in a new President of the Sub-District Administrative Organization of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province

On Monday (Nov 8), Mr. Sanya Kaew-Anan, Director of the Office of the Election Commission of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, formally announced the list of candidates eligible for election to members of the Sub-District Administrative Organization and presidents of all 44 Subdistrict Administrative Organization zones.

The announcement was posted at every district office’s polling station, along with a letter notifying the list of eligible voters to the householder.

In addition, people can also vote by entering their 13-digit ID number via different smart phone apps.

Anyone who believes they have found any discrepancies or irregularities with any of the candidates listed can report them to the District Registrar’s Office by November 17.

The office The Election Commission has also stepped up anti-corruption measures in the run up the vote to monitor the voting process in order to ensure the elections are performed honestly and fairly.

The Sub-District (Tambon) Administrative Organization is a local administrative organization at the sub-district level that is generally the first port of call for people to report issues or seek help from the local council.

The Sub-District (Tambon) Administrative Organization has the status of a juristic person and is a local government, having the powers and duties to develop the sub-district in terms of economic, social, cultural and other duties as required by law, including having a budget and employees who are officials of the Sub-District Administrative Organization itself.