Timetable and how to buy tickets for trains between Hua Hin and Bangkok


As Hua Hin prepares to welcome its new elevated train station, set to open on December 11, the State Railway of Thailand has released a revised train schedule effective December 15, offering enhanced travel options for commuters between Hua Hin and Bangkok.

All ticketing services will transition to the new Hua Hin train station from December 11.

The most significant change comes on December 15, when all train operations to and from Hua Hin will be transferred to the new elevated station.

This shift coincides with the implementation of a new rail timetable, which is a result of introduction of the new dual track line and which promises a faster journey between Hua Hin and the capital.

Most train services between these two destinations will now operate from and to the new Krung Them Apiwat station.

Of note for travelers from Bangkok to Hua Hin is the Special Express #43. This service departs from Bangkok’s Krung Them Apiwat station at 7:30 AM, ensuring passengers arrive in Hua Hin by 10:30 AM. The introduction of this express train marks a significant step in reducing travel time.

Meanwhile, duration for trains from Hua Hin to Bangkok, is slightly longer with the shortest travel time is the Special Express #44, with a travel time of approximately 3hrs 31mins or the Rapid train #172 which clocks in at 3hrs 33mins.

How to buy train tickets in Hua Hin

Passengers interested in these services can purchase tickets either in person at the Hua Hin Train Station or online through the official State Railway of Thailand (SRT) ticketing website at https://www.dticket.railway.co.th/.

Tickets can also be purchased through the SRT D Ticket app which is available on Android and iOS.

Find out if your train is delayed

In addition, the SRT provides an online Train Tracking System that enables you to see real time information about your train so you can find out if it is delayed or running on time.

The train tracking system can be found at: https://ttsview.railway.co.th/view_2023.php