Track Time Thailand event revs up for two days of safe and fun riding at Kaeng Krachan Circuit


Motorcycle enthusiasts across Thailand are gearing up for the ninth edition of Track Time Thailand, a premier motorcycle track day event promoting road safety.

Scheduled to take place on the 6th and 7th of January 2024 at the Kaeng Krachan Circuit, Track Time Thailand offers a controlled environment where riders can refine their skills.

The circuit, a counter-clockwise track predominantly featuring left turns, provides a safe haven free of the common road hazards like potholes and unexpected traffic signals, allowing motorcyclists to focus solely on improving their handling and technique, while also having fun.

The event’s organizer said “Our roads can be dangerous at times, and our mission with Track Time is to provide a space where riders can push the limits of their motorcycles in a safe, controlled environment. It’s about education as much as it is about enjoyment; we want riders to leave here with a better understanding of what they and their bikes are capable of and of course, we want everyone to have fun.”

Motorcyclists of all skill levels, from novices to seasoned racers, are welcomed to participate.

The event starts early, with gates opening before 6:30 am for technical inspections and class assignments. Participants self-select into color-coded classes—green for novices, yellow for intermediate riders, and red for track specialists—with the flexibility to change classes as the day progresses.

A mandatory safety briefing at 8:30 am will cover essential Track Time rules and marshal instructions, emphasizing the event’s non-competitive nature. With “gentleman’s spirit” at its core, the event prohibits racing, instead aiming to build a community focused on collective improvement and respect.

Each group receives expert guidance from an instructor in a blue vest, ensuring a safe and structured experience. Participants can expect to ride in at least five sessions, with the potential to cover up to 120 kilometers in a single day.

So far more than 153,000 km of safe riding has been done with the previous Track Time events.

Track Time Thailand’s commitment to safety is underscored by the presence of a full medical team, including a trauma doctor and nurse, on standby.

Additionally, the event will introduce enhanced features like an optimized RFID lap timing system and a Gymkhana Parkour for skill testing.

Meanwhile, UpBeat trailers from the Pattaya area will offer backwards trailer parking lessons or an introduction to trailer pulling.

The event is not only about riding.

Families can enjoy a day out with a variety of side activities and catering options, including a Big Mu Haan BBQ planned for Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, a special early morning session invites runners and cyclists to enjoy the track before the motorbikes take over.

Sponsorship opportunities are available, with benefits such as VIP lounge access. Major sponsors include Bridgestone, offering tire discounts, Alpine Stars for apparel, AA Insurance providing insurance deals and UpBeat trailers for all your transport solutions.

“We’re seeking sponsors who are as passionate about road safety and motorcycling as we are. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your brand to a dedicated community and support a cause that saves lives,” the organizer said.

The day will conclude with live radio coverage by Surf Radio, as the event welcomes spectators free of charge to witness the exhilaration and dedication to safer riding.

For more information, registration details, and sponsorship opportunities, please visit the Track Time Thailand website or contact them directly at

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