True Arena Hua Hin New Sports and Fitness Program


Announcing Sports & Fitness Program at TRUE ARENA HUA HIN

  1. GIRL’S FOOTBALL PROGRAM                                                                              Phoenix Academy All Girls Football Program for Thai and foreigners. Every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.

2. GOLF FITNESS & PERFORMANCE PROGRAM                                                                Golf Fitness and Performance Program is for members and non-members. (With the            utilize of ‘Free Movement Screen” until October 13th)

Prearranged by Coach Eddie Thompson


A Golf Fitness & Performance Coach is fundamentally a physical trainer in the sport of golf, who will be training and assessing you throughout the program.

Objectives of the Fitness & Performance program:

  • Promote and improve good posture, coordination (body, hand and eye) and balance.
  • Prevent injury and stay fit for golf with weight loss, conditioning and/or rehabilitate any previous injuries for better performance in the game.
  • Learn pre-post warm ups and stretching techniques for optimal range of motion.
  • Improve flexibility of the body as a whole specific program tailored to develop high performance and fitness.
  • Increase body strength, core strength, stability and power in swinging so the ball can travel further distance.
  • Reducing your handicap and improve your score.

All in all, improve your golf game …by improving you!

So how do I know if I need help in balance, flexibility or strength?

All trainees who enrolled in the program will go through a Golf Functional Movement Screen similar to the (TPI) Golf screen so as to assess the areas of your limitation.

There are basically 15 full body movement checks or tests that are performed to assess the area that needs attention. After the assessment you have the option to continue with the program to help any area that needs improvement.

Can anyone join the program?

Men and women of all ages and nationalities are eligible to join the program, including members and non-members.

About the Golf Fitness Coach                                                                                      Eddie Thompson, the Golf Fitness Coach and assessor from USA and UK is a certified and an experienced Sports Strength and Conditioning coach. Coach Eddie has an undergrad degree in Exercise Science and has completed his grad work in Kinesiology / Biomechanics. He has assessed top golfers in Hua Hin and also Jorgen Persson, Director of Teaching at Black Mountain Golf Club.

How to join the program                                                                                            The Golf Fitness Program training and assessments will be held at TRUE ARENA Hua Hin (4th floor) or you can call the reception number: +66 (0) 32 909 633 and leave a message for Coach Eddie.

Banyan Golf Club Hua Hin and Black Mountain Golf Club have supported the program.