Up and coming food producers from Hua Hin to be showcased at new event


An exciting new event which showcases three local and up and coming food producers will be held in Hua Hin at the end of May.

The Culinary Special will take place at Jacky’s Garden on May 29 from noon to 6pm and is being held as part of a collaboration between local food producers Jacky’s Garden, Sky’s Fresh Pasta and Salmon House 102.

The event will feature a demonstration of the making of the fresh pasta from Sky’s Fresh Pasta and let guests into some of the secrets and techniques used in the preparation process of the smoked salmon from Salmon House 102.

The idea of the event is to showcase what goes into creating the delicious homemade products that are available from each producer.

Each producer will also highlight the quality of each product, the vast majority of which is sourced from other local producers and using organic ingredients.

The event came to be after Jacky’s Garden, the restaurant located amongst beautiful greenery in Hin Lek Fai, Sky’s FreshPasta and Salmon House 102 began working together on different products and dishes.

The trio have now formed a small cooperative where they work together using one another’s products and ingredients so they can all benefit.

“We are not in competition, we are actually enhancing our products by working together”, the team behind Salmon House 102 told Hua Hin Today.

Currently Salmon House and Sky’s Pasta have collaborated on a ravioli dish which uses Sky’s freshly made pasta, while the team at Salmon House created the filling and sauce.

The dish is now on the menu at Salmon House, which is located on Soi 102, and would not have been possible without one another working together.

Sky from Sky’s Fresh Pasta

Jacky’s Garden, the restaurant in Hin Lek Fai, which is set amongst beautiful greenery and flowers, lends itself as the ideal location for the event.

Jacky’s Garden, which focuses on local, seasonal ingredients and offers a new menu every day, will also be preparing a full menu at the event – which costs just 350 baht per person.

If it proves to be popular, the trio hope the Culinary Special will become a monthly event.

They are also interested in connecting with other local food producers who may be interested in working together or taking part in future events.

More information about the event can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/324080763162695/