Following yesterday’s announcement by the Prachuap Khiri Khan provincial office on the issuance of Order #149/2564 dated January 4, 2021 in bid of preventing further spread of Covid-19 infections.

 RE: Temporary closure of the following establishments from 5 January – 1 February 2021:

Casino, gambling joints, pubs, karaoke clubs, bars, water parks, amusement parks, playgrounds, children’s playground in shopping malls and outdoor markets, amusement centres, billiard halls, game shops, arcade machines and internet cafes.

Martial arts and tutor institutions, , movie theaters, amulet shops. Nursery centres (except orphanage), child development centre in all schools (except for schools with less than 120 pupils.

Beauty parlors, tattoo/piercing / facial salons, spas and massage parlors.

Boxing and training stadium, gyms and fitness facilities.

Rajabhakti Park and Science Park at Waghor.