VIDEO: Jungle Aid volunteers’ amazing encounter with elephant on Pala-U Road


Volunteers from the charitable organization Jungle Aid had an incredible experience with a wild elephant while on their way to deliver donations, supplies, and promote dental care to local villagers.

The encounter took place on the Pala-U road and was captured on video and shared on the Facebook page of the Lovely Guesthouse, located on Soi 94, on June 24.

When the volunteers headed out to provide assistance and support to a remote community in Prachuap Khiri Khan, they never expected to encounter one of nature’s giants along the way.

As their vehicle made its way through the scenic Pala-U Road, a majestic elephant emerged from the surrounding forest and approached their vehicle.

The video shows the elephant come within close proximity of the vehicle, displaying the animal’s immense size.


Wild elephants are often spotted along the Pala-U Road, which is located in the Huay Satyai sub-district of Hua Hin. The surrounding forest forms part of their natural habitat is and is area for elephant conservation.

As such, motorists traveling along this route should be aware of the potential encounters with elephants and exercise caution to ensure the safety of both themselves and the animals.

Here are a few important tips for motorists who may encounter an elephant on the road:

Slow down and maintain a safe distance: If you spot an elephant or any other wildlife on the road, reduce your speed and keep a safe distance. Avoid getting too close or attempting to feed or touch the animal.

Turn off headlights and engine: If you find yourself in close proximity to an elephant, switch off your headlights and engine to reduce noise and potential distress to the animal. This may help prevent any unnecessary agitation or panic.

Stay inside your vehicle: Under no circumstances should you exit your vehicle when encountering a wild elephant. Remain inside with the doors locked, as this is the safest way to protect yourself.

Be patient and wait for the elephant to move: Elephants are known to be intelligent and curious animals. They may inspect your vehicle out of curiosity, but they will typically move on once they feel unthreatened. Wait patiently until the elephant decides to continue its journey, and then proceed with caution.