Wanted American Caught in Hua Hin

'Derrick' was tracked down in Hua Hin by U.S. Homeland Security and Thai Immigration last Friday

An American wanted for serious crimes committed in his home country has been tracked down in Hua Hin last Friday, September 20, in a joint operation involving Thai Immigration Police and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Reports said that the man, known only as Derrick, is wanted in the states of Virginia and North Carolina on a whole litany of charges, including possession of explosives, making bomb threats, illegal possession of weapons, marijuana, DUI charges, theft, contempt of court, and obstruction of justice.

The man is believed to have arrived in Thailand in September 2014, with a visa that permitted him one month’s stay. Immigration authorities have no record of him being granted an extension of stay or any record of him leaving the country at any point.

U.S. authorities recently contacted Thai immigration officials saying they believed “Derrick” was still in Thailand.

Through use of Immigration’s biometrics system, the wanted man was tracked down in Hua Hin and arrested by Immigration Police from Prachuab Kirikhan province.

Source: Thai Residents                                                                                                  Photo by Hua Hin Today