What makes a property expert? A 20-year journey in Hua Hin real estate


A change from the previous articles where we have highlighted the legal aspects of buying as well as options that are out there for buyers or tenants.

This article I wanted to give you a little insight into my background and what makes a ‘property expert.’

I arrived in Hua Hin during the autumn of 2004 to accept keys for my first villa, a small home in the Smorprong area. Remembering this was pre–Market Village, BluPort and about forty 7-Eleven’s ago! I moved here with my 2 young kids at the time and interestingly. No wife but kept the in-laws. That’s a story for another day though.

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Hua Hin was a sleepy, quiet old fishing village with a couple of nice hotels and very basic infrastructure. Back then hours’ drive to Phetchaburi was the only option for some expat treats. Then after living here for only 4 days the tragic tsunami struck and in a strange surreal way it changed this fishing town overnight. People needed to be relocated after the devastation caused by this awful event and Hua Hin with its handful of hotels was one option.

With me having to juggle trying to find work as well as settle 2 young children into a new life in Thailand, I was still unsure how I could make a better life here. Initially with an engineering background I thought about some management and maintenance, starting with the village I was residing in.

However, after meeting a fellow agent here to discuss if I could join his growing team and offer more services things just changed. Good currencies and a real affection for this town created an influx of sales. Changing my life from a worrying Father into 6-7 days a week sales representative.

2005-2008 was incredible but then a global financial crash put the brakes on hard and people stopped buying. For a year nothing happened, and this led me to change into my own direction and start ‘Hua Hin Property’ which later became Hua Hin Property 2009 Co Ltd which we still operate as today. Sure from 2017-2022 I worked mainly from home and during this time my family welcomed our newest, yes, a surprise, but wonderful addition in our daughter.

Then despite doing ok from home I did notice this new post pandemic visitor was being either poorly advised or really being ‘sold too’. Either legally making errors or choosing property which were not being built to a good standard. So, this sort of forced my hand to get back out there and try to help these new buyers with getting the right support.

Andy Dyett, the Hua Hin Property Expert

For all my 20 years I have made sure I attend the legal meetings with a buyer to also keep myself up to date with the current laws and any changes that can benefit the expat looking to make this place their new home to enjoy. And yes, many changes have been made over this period to allow foreign buyers to feel more protected and secure in their investments. Going back again to when I arrived and the options were the company structure to own a house, it was fine and worked well but due to future selling of these homes avoiding taxes the government correctly changed this into a lease.

Initially this was tweaked almost monthly due to again some laws being circumvented and a lack of clear aspect of safe ownership. Today though this is working very well as long as each buyer seeks the right clauses within the now registered land lease.

Moving on we now have a great office as many would have seen opposite the Amari hotel in Khao Takiab, all are welcome to visit and have a great coffee and explore their own interests in a safe, secure investment.

I had promised myself to keep a small team around me but due to the incredible volume of potential buyers and tenants we have taken on Mrs. Zara Ritter, an experienced lady with a sales background and with her family being schooled here at the Hua Hin International School then she is a strong addition to our team.

Eventually leading to us hoping to open a new satellite office towards the West of the city.

We have the experience; we are here to help and support you throughout the buying process.

Feel free to pop in or call us, we are open 7 days a week from 9am-5pm.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Dyett
The Hua Hin Property Expert

📧 andy@huahinpropertyagent.com
📱 huahinpropertyagent
📞 0867779064

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