Woman caught on train after fleeing Hua Hin field hospital

Image: Manager

ASEAN NOW reported that Prachuap Khiri Khan official Natthawut Jankaew and health officials went to the main railway station last night after receiving information that a passenger had Covid-19.

It was a woman aged about thirty employed at the Dole Thailand pineapple canning factory in Hua Hin who had boarded the Bangkok to Sungei Kolok train #171 at Hua Hin station.

Information received suggested she should be in Bogey #7, Class 3, Seat #29 heading for Rueso in Naratiwas in the far south, her hometown.

But she was not to be found in her seat and had not sat there at all since she boarded.

She was found hiding in the toilets.

The train had stopped 300 meters north of Prachuap Khiri Khan.

The woman was removed from the train and taken back to a field hospital at the canning factory by a rescue foundation.

The train was delayed by 30 minutes as passengers were removed from carriage number 7 and given seats elsewhere on the train. This caused considerable consternation, said the media.

At Chumphon further down the line that carriage was decoupled from the train and sprayed.

The woman denied fleeing. She said that she had left her home in Nong Plap sub-district at 1.30 pm because of the temporary closure of the canning factory and had decided to head home.

She didn’t know at the time that she had tested positive for Covid, she claimed.

This post was republished with permission from ASEAN NOW formerly Thaivisa.com