About Cha-Am, Thailand

Cha Am Information

Located in Phetchaburi province only 200 km south of Bangkok and 25 km north of the more well-known resort town of Hua Hin, Cha Am has remained quiet and unpopular with partying beachgoers, but it is this distinct absence of tourism and all its frills and action that makes Cha Am so charming.

There are no rows of bars or a night market, but Cha Am does sport a nice and clean sandy beach, with fisherman hauling in all that great seafood, which appears on nearly all the menus of many of Cha Am?s finest restaurants.

Cha Am?s beach is certainly one of its main attractions and many visitors like nothing better than spending their days sunbathing while drinking a nice cold beer and eating some of the finest seafood that Thailand has to offer, which is available from many of the beach side restaurants and vendors.

The beach is lined with pine trees and generally pretty quiet during the week. During weekends and public holidays, it will get more busy. There are plenty of deck chairs and eating and drinking spots, especially around the main drag.

Cha Am is one of Thailand?s most popular and iconic holiday destinations and it is home to a wide range of wonderful sights, exciting activities and interesting events and festivals.