Credit Card and Changing money in Hua Hin

Credit Cards

All major credit cards are widely accepted at almost any shop in Thailand. ATMs (automatic teller machines or cash machines) are everywhere and accept virtually all cards.

Some banks charge a 1-2% fee for making purchases overseas. Also, with a credit card, you run the risk of an unscrupulous seller using your credit card information for purchases of their own.

Changing money in Hua Hin and Thailand

Banks or the more rare private moneychangers offer the best foreign-exchange rates. When buying baht, US dollars are the most accepted currency, followed by British pounds and Euros. Most banks charge a commission and duty for each travellers cheque cashed.

Most foreign currencies and traveller's cheques are easily changed at banks, hotels or moneychangers.

There is no currency black market. Many establishments accept traveller cheques but not personal cheques.

Current exchange rates are printed in some of English newspapers every day, or you can walk into any Thai bank and ask to see a daily rate sheet.

Money in Hua Hin and Thailand

The basic unit of Thai currency is the baht (THB, Bt or B), divided into 100 satang. Paper currency is issued in the following denominations: 20B (green), 50B (blue), 100B (red), 500B (purple) and 1000B (beige).

Coins include 25-satang and 50-satang pieces and baht in 1B, 2B, 5B and 10B coins. Older coins have Thai numerals only, while newer coins have Thai and Arabic numerals.