Hua Hin one of the safest resorts in Thailand

One of the safest resorts in Thailand

Hua Hin is the first beach resort in Thailand, continually developing and becoming a popular destination for foreign tourists and expatriates.

It has a reputation for being one of the safest, cleanest and quality beach resorts in the country, offering miles and miles of unspoiled sandy beaches, and appeals to those who come to the land of smiles to experience its natural beauty and warmth. Following royal tradition, Hua Hin is also a favorite destination of the King of Thailand, who once lived here for much of the year.

The presence of Royal Thai navy and police security teams make this one of the safest places in Thailand for foreigners and locals. The city is surrounded by military, the elite parachute regiment and the Royal Thai Police.

Crime rate is therefore very low. You can swim in the warm sea all year round in Hua Hin. However, at certain times of the year jellyfish can be seen in the water. These jellyfish are best well avoided as they can deliver an unpleasant sting.

There are also some sharp edged rocks around the beach and in the sea so it is recommended that you wear sandals to avoid small cuts on your feet.