Hua Hin Beaches, Thailand

Beaches in Hua Hin

Hua Hin has a beautiful, accessible and family friendly beaches. The seas are warm throughout the year, which makes swimming and other beach activities pleasurable at any time.

The beaches are clean and the waters shallow, which makes for a safe and enjoyable environment.

There are plenty of Sun loungers, deck chairs, umbrellas and tables are for hire along with Thai massage, water sport activities, horse rides and all manner of other vendors and their wares. Jellyfish can be a problem at certain times of the year.

At weekends it?s common to see inflatable banana boats riding the waves, an especially popular activity with Thai tourists. They?re pulled along at great speed by a jet-ski or speedboat, and the drivers take delight in trying to make the passengers fall off, which is all just part of the fun. Jet-skis can also be rented in Hua Hin, but make sure that you inspect them thoroughly as there have been stories in other cities of tourists being charged excessively for damage that had already occurred.

On windy days there are dozens of kite boarders out in force, demonstrating an impressive array of stunts and skillful maneuvers. Hua Hin has some excellent kite boarding schools and has become a popular destination for the sport and its followers in recent years.

They usually have representatives down on the beach that can give advice on the various programs available and prices.

Like most things, many of these activities will cost slightly more in the high season when the beach is busier and demand increases. The beach has become very popular and can get quite crowded in the high-seasons.