Police and Traffic police in Hua Hin

Hua Hin Police and Traffic Police

The police force in Hua Hin ? whether ordinary police or traffic police ? are easily recognizable by their khaki uniforms, helmets, shiny black boots and reflective jackets.

The police force is usually quite helpful if you need assistance. Most of them speak reasonable English, however if you are finding that language is a problem, The Tourist Police will be able to help.

The Hua Hin Police conduct the patrol around the clock. The officers travel in cruisers, on motorcycles and on foot. Plain-clothed police also are on the lookout in public places when checkpoints are run in several parts of the town. For extra security, the Hua Hin Police conduct regular inspections on the beach.

Emergency centers are opened all over Hua Hin during such festivities as Loy Kratong, Songkran etc. The Hua Hin Traffic police department regularly setup spot checks on the roads for cars and motorcycles. Unless they have a specific agenda they are usually checking for helmets and drivers licenses though a number of other minor infractions may also be noticed. If you're on the road drive smart and stay legal. Fasten your car seatbelt. A motorbike is ridden by only up to 2 persons. Helmet use is compulsory.

Though the aids from The Hua Hin Police can be sought through the toll free number 191, it is recommended for foreign visitors to contact the Tourist Police at 1155 for more efficient communication in English. Both 191 and 1155 are on service 24 hours.