Skin Treatment & Cosmetic Surgery Hua Hin

Hua Hin Skin Treatment & Cosmetic Surgery

Although Bangkok Hospital and San Paolo Hospital provide cosmetic surgery procedures and skin treatment, there are a couple specialist clinics in Hua Hin that also cover those needs.

The services on offer include various body and face treatments for dermatological conditions, hair removal, Botox filler injections, scar treatment, plastic surgery, skin laser procedures (removal of acne, veins, tattoos, moles and warts) and other beauty and aesthetic treatments.

There are at least three clinics located on the third floor of the Market Village shopping mall (Radjevee Clinic, Wuttisak Clinic and Pongsak Clinic) and another clinicon Petchakasem Road (Lollana Skin Clinic). They provide quite equal prices and expertise, with professional-looking premises and qualified doctors.

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