Hua Hin Supermarkets

Supermarkets in Hua Hin

There are many supermarkets in Hua Hin to go shopping. Tesco Lotus, located in the Market Village Shopping Mall, is very popular offers a great selection of international and Thai products.

Everything Is well-organized under one roof which makes an efficient shopping experience. There are three other supermarkets that smaller than Tesco but might also prove less crowded and possibly more convenient.

The first supermarket is Villa Market, located on Phetchakasem Road, a very popular supermarket among foreign expats having good selection of foreign food such as sausage, pie, cheese and wine.

The second supermarket, known as Gee?s, is located just west of the railway track, not far from the Pae Mai golf range at the southern end of Kang Klong Road. The other is the Hua Hin Shopping Mall, located opposite of Hua Hin Temple.

This is a well-established medium-sized supermarket with quite reasonable prices, though for a larger selection of products you?d be better off going to Tesco Lotus at Market Village.

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