For happier elderly days


By 2021 there will be more than 13 million elderly people living in Thailand, making it the second country in Southeast Asia with the most senior citizens after Singapore.

The Hua Hin Municipality is determined to help its elderly here to live better and happier lives. To combat inactivity, boredom and to build self-esteem, the municipality has set up projects to support activities and create skills for the elderly at the district’s development centre.

These projects, formed by Director of Social Welfare Division Rumpa Jumlongrach, invite elderly from the community to come to join others in activities such as making handicrafts and artwork.  Last month, older residents were taught by volunteers at the development centre how to make special coins creatively wrapped in ribbons. These special coins are commonly used for ordination, funeral and other traditional temple ceremonies.

Most of the volunteers who come to teach the elderly are librarians at the Royal Wang Klai Kangwon Library and teachers from the Non-Formal and Informal Education Office. Ambitiously, the elderly are even being introduced to IT. They may be now ‘hands-on’ on how to use the mobile LINE app to sell their finished products online and to join a community group chat with other new computer users.