Valentine in the midst of Covid

Image: Freepik

It’s been over a year since Covid have struck the globe and brought the economic world down onto its knees, took the lives of our loved ones and speared us into an unprecedented time of quarantines and lockdowns. Undeniably, it has affected everyone’s life whether it’s their jobs, their mental health or their families and relationships.

There’s no doubt that these are trying times for everyone, and while we spend the majority of our time catching up on the global news online, the stories of events and gestures of help that occurred around us have unfold the true human care, kindness and love during the pandemic is enough to warm our numb and pain-riddled hearts.

Since today is St Valentine’s Day, we figured that the world could do with a little less sarcasm and pump our hearts with a bit more love. Though the pandemic has forced us to stay apart, it has also poignantly bound us closer together.

For some of us, today is just be another day. But for most, it will remind us that love was pretty much has always been there, even during the time of pandemic.

So for the sake of human sanity, let us all, at least for once be united and try to look at the brighter side of love and hope with the perseverance of moving inspiringly forward, ignoring the pains that we’ve all been through… “Happy Valentine’s Day!”