1.4 billion baht allocated to combat erosion on Cha-am Beach


Deputy Minister of Transport Ms. Monporn Charoensri recently visited Cha-am Beach to inspect a 1.4 billion baht beach sand replenishment project aimed at reducing erosion, restoring the beach, and boosting the local tourism economy.

The project, scheduled to begin later this year, is set to cover a total distance of 6.05 kilometers along the beach.

The project is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: From Pla Too Restaurant to Yotathikan Road

This phase spans approximately 1.7 kilometers, with a budget of 554.94 million baht, divided into two sections:

  • Section 1: 800 meters with a budget of 270 million baht. The beach will be replenished to an average width of 50-80 meters. This section has been allocated a budget for 2024 and is currently in the procurement process.
  • Section 2: 900 meters with a budget of 284.94 million baht. This includes beach replenishment to an average width of 50 meters, construction of a rock wall at the Bang Kwai Canal mouth, dredging of the canal, and improvement of the existing offshore breakwater in front of Wat Sai Yoi, along with drainage system enhancements.

Phase 2: From Soi Ruamjit to Cha-am Beach Viewpoint

Spanning approximately 3 kilometers, this phase has a budget of 598.61 million baht, also divided into two sections:

  • Section 1 & 2: Combined 3 kilometers with a budget of 299.305 million baht for each section. The beach will be replenished to an average width of 50 meters.

Phase 3: From Cha-am Beach Viewpoint to I Love Sweet Restaurant

Covering a distance of 1.35 kilometers, this phase has a budget of 289.32 million baht. The beach will be replenished to an average width of 50 meters.

The project is part of plans by the Ministry of Transport to restore tourist beaches to their former beauty, reduce erosion problems, and promote the local economy and tourism.

Public and business complaints about coastal erosion in the Cha-am Beach area, along with requests from the fishing community near Wat Sai Yoi to improve the offshore breakwater, have driven the project’s development.

Ms. Monporn emphasized the urgency of addressing the increasing erosion at Cha-am Beach, which poses a significant threat to tourism. “The erosion at Cha-am Beach is increasing and is likely to cause severe damage in the future, which will significantly impact tourism,” she stated. This popular tourist destination attracts many Thai and international visitors due to its beautiful beaches and convenient transportation, being approximately a two-hour drive from Bangkok.

The project will involve the use of approximately 1,439,000 cubic meters of sand across its three phases. Upon completion, the beach will have an average width of 50-80 meters, addressing the coastal erosion problem, restoring the ecosystem, and enhancing the beach’s beauty. This will support recreational activities and continuously attract tourists, generating income for the community and stimulating the country’s economy.

The Marine Department has been instructed to study the impact of constructing the breakwater to find sustainable solutions for coastal erosion. For the sand replenishment project at the northern part of Cha-am Beach, the Marine Department is to coordinate with local agencies to prepare information for an urgent project to be discussed at the upcoming off-site Cabinet meeting, with the aim of requesting budget allocation from the central budget for expedited implementation.

Additionally, the Marine Department is tasked with improving and designing the beach landscape to be suitable for water and recreational activities, using Jomtien Beach in Chonburi Province as a model.