300 cats rescued from Bangkok home shelters

Rescued cats at the 3DPet Hospital & Hotel

Nearly 300 cats, many in wire cages, were found in 2 recently abandoned home shelters in Bangkok. Some cats were found dead and animal activist who saved the cats said the were filthy and smelled of cat feces.

Animal activist Warattada Pattarodom said, “the owner of the homes was providing shelter for the stray cats, but due to the financial problems brought on by the pandemic the owner could no longer afford to feed and care for the cats.”

“The owner did not come to this place for quite a while. They were abandoned because of her unfortunate circumstance, but they were not abused.”

After being rescued from the homes, the cats were taken to various veterinarian clinics for check up.

The cats will be sent to a shelter in Chiang Mai which is also caring for elephants. Since the pandemic, the Chiang Mai shelter started taking in cats.

It now cares for nearly 1,000 cats.

Source: The Thaiger