33 people injured and 5 arrested on Saturday’s protest

A wall of Riot Police and 2 water cannons advance on protesters - Free Youth

33 people, including protesters and attending police, ended up casualties of last Saturday’s anti-government protests according to Erawan Medical Centre.

The protest, reacting to the seizure of books discussed the Thai Monarchy and including pro-democracy speeches from last year, started off in Sanam Luang during the afternoon.

It quickly escalated after police erected a wall of shipping containers preventing protesters access to the road to the Grand Palace.

During the ensuing scuffles, police threatened protesters with the high-power water cannon truck, used tear gas, rubber bullets, and chased down individual protesters, leading to at least 5 arrests.

Fires were lit along the road by protesters and police were seen stomping on protesters on the ground.

Other protesters tried to flee on their motorbikes but abandoned them and fled on foot.

In some cases officials targeted particular protesters and chased them down streets, resulting in at least 20 protesters being arrested.

Both the police and the protesters maintain the violence started from the other side.

Source: The Thaiger