6 deaths or more in Bangkok suspected to be caused by new drug cocktail

Photo: HD.co.th

A cocktail of drugs known as “K powdered milk” is suspected to be linked to a number of deaths among young Thais in Bangkok.

Nation Thailand says the narcotic mix is suspected to have caused 6 deaths and others were found unconscious after taking the “K powdered milk.”

Thai PBS reports that 7 young Thais have died from unexplained reasons and at least one of them is believed to have overdosed on the drug cocktail.

The “K powdered milk,” or “K Nompong” in Thai, is a mixture of ketamine, heroin, methamphetamine, and a sleeping pill known as “Rose”.

When smashed together the drugs resembles milk powder. Officials say the drug cocktail gives users a rapid high and it can be fatal.

A 22-year-old nightclub dancer died and police suspect she overdosed on the drug cocktail. Police say the woman was found at her home in the Bang Kho Laem area.

Her boyfriend was found near her in serious condition. Police say drugs were found at the scene.

A 22-year-old man was found dead at a home in Bangkok’s Rama 3 area. Rescuers say they found tracels of “K powdered milk.”

Source: thethaiger.com