6 markets shut in Bangkok’s Bang Khae district

PHOTO: Wikimedia

6 markets in Bang Khae district in Bangkok, the scene of a new cluster of Covid-19 infections, have been closed for 3 days.

They are Siriseththanon (previously known as Saeng Fah), soon Karnkha Bang Khae, Kitti, Pasom, and Talad Mai Bang khae markets.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has ordered them all to close for deep cleansing and disinfection.

Stating, the closure order may be extended if there is a rise in the number of infection linked to the markets.

Out of 4,991 people tested between March 11-14, 224 have tested positive.

3,086 tested negative, while 1,681 are still waiting for their results.

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration Apisamai Sriangsan said the first patient in the latest cluster of infections was confirmed to be a 21-year-old trader who also worked in a “Thao Share” scheme.

The scheme offers cash loans, for a fee (Interest %), from a pool of investors to those in financial need.

According to the CCSA, the man had frequent contact with several investors he collected money from on multiple occasions, thereby contributing to the spread of infection.

Anyone who visited any of the 6 markets between February 20 to March 13 is asked to come forward for a free Covid-19 test at a mobile testing lab in the public park near The Mall Bang Khae.

Source: The Thaiger