80% of people in Hua Hin to be fully vaccinated by end of September

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80 percent of the total population of Hua Hn will be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by the end of September, the province’s leading health official has said.

According to provincial health chief Dr. Suriya Kuharat, health officials are on course to have administered two vaccine doses to 80 percent of people registered as living in Hua Hin district before October 1.

Crucially, this exceeds the vaccination target set by the Hua Hin Recharge project, which aims to reopen Hua Hin to vaccinated international tourists without quarantine from October 1.

Dr. Suriya Kuharat. File photo

After getting off to a slow start, the rollout of the vaccine to people in Hua Hin has gathered significant pace in recent months.

Hua Hin’s vaccination campaign has been boosted by the arrival of 50,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine, which was procured by Hua Hin Municipality from the Chulabhorn Royal Academy.

Doses of the Sinopharm vaccine have been given to people registered as living in Hua Hin district.

The rollout of the vaccine to foreigners in Hua Hin has also been expedited since the start of September.

Foreigners who registered to receive a vaccine via the Expat Vac website have now started to receive a first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, with vaccinations administered at Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin.

At the time of posting, more than 1,000 foreigners in Hua Hin have already received a first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

In addition, the rollout of the Sinovac and/or the AstraZeneca vaccine to people in Hua Hin who registered via the Mor Prom system continues at Hua Hin Hospital.