A charming style to fall off a bridge

Photo: Manager Online

Original writer: Nop Meechukhun

9 Dec, CHIANG MAI – 30 beauties of the Miss Thailand 2020 contest accidentally plunged into the water when the bridge they were standing collapsed while photo-shooting for a promotional ad. The incident happened at the Pang Pao Beach Restaurant in Chiang Mai Province on 7th December.

Amongst the thirty contestants who fell, only three had minor injuries. They were brought to a nearby hospital and were later discharged.

Photo: Daily News

Director of Miss Thailand 2020 beauty pageant Dr Adisorn Suddee said the bridge might have likely to collapse due the overall weight of the contestants.

Photo: cnxnews

“It was unexpected that the bridge would break. Meanwhile, the contest and training sessions would continue until 13 Dec and we would take the best care of the injured contestants through then sessions.” the director added..

Full story: https://thepattayanews.com/2020/12/08/thirty-miss-thailand-2020-contestants-plunge-into-pond-as-bridge-collapses-while-posing-for-promotional-photos-in-chiang-mai/

Source: The Pattaya News
Photos courtesy of cnxnews, Daily News and Manager Online