More than 80 people face charges for violating Emergency Decree

Photo: Thairath

More than 80 people face jail time and penalties for violating disease control measures under the Emergency Decree after police raided a Bangkok pub and restaurant.

The Indian restaurant Taj Café off Sukhumvit Road in the Watthana district was raided by the police after a complaint reporting that customers were smoking hookah and that the venue employed undocumented migrants.

Under an order from Bangkok City Hall, bars and pubs must close until further notice to help control the spread of Covid-19.

Officers from both immigration and the Lumpini police station raided the Indian Restaurant at 1:10 am Saturday.

Police say the venue was packed, no one was social distancing and customers were not wearing face masks.

42 people each face a month in jail and a 5,000 baht fine. Another 40 people, who were foreigners from Nigeria, India, Somalia, and Myanmar face between 4 months in jail as well as fines ranging from 5,000 baht to 16,000 baht.

Police say many of the foreigners violated both the Emergency Decree and the Immigration Act.

Source: Thethaiger