Alcohol ban likely to be re-imposed after 690 reported cases of curfew breakers

Large number of curfew violators have been reported after the sale of alcohol resumed last Sunday.

An unprecedented number of curfew violators have been reported between Sunday night and early Monday morning after the government has lifted the ban on sale of alcohol beverages.

Out of the 690 curfew violators, 129 were also involved in a social drinking gathering which was prohibited under the emergency decree, says CCSA spokesman Taweesilp Visanuyothin.

The ban was lifted on Sunday, which marked the first of a 14-day trial period for resuming alcohol sales.

“The country won’t be able to succeed in containing the Covid-19 without everyone’s cooperation. Only when it is certain the country has the full control of the virus shall we be able to live a normal life again,” he said.

The 14-day trial will be crucial. It will give the government an apparent idea whether other restrictions should be eased.

“All statistics are being compiled for evaluation. If new infections remain low during the easing of the restrictions, we will move on to the next phase. But if infections rise, the easing will be reconsidered and possibly stopped,” Taweesilp said.

“What we have achieved in the past month was significant, and what we do in the next 14 days will even be more decisive,” he added.

Source: Bangkok Post
Photo: Chiang Rai Times