Asian black bear found dead after attacking man

Rangers of Dong Yai Wildlife Reserve with the body of an Asian black bear, by a stream in Pa Kham district in Buri Ram province, on Tuesday. (Photo by Surachai Piraksa)

An Asian black bear was found dead on Tuesday, four days after it emerged from a wildlife reserve and attacked a man.

Rangers of Dong Yai Wildlife Reserve found the 1-year-old female bear dead by a stream in Pa Kham district. They believed it was the same animal that injured Sukhum Hoisang on Friday.

The man was attacked by a bear at Moo 13 village. He escaped with a mauled arm and broken bone in his left hand. Park rangers, officials and defense village volunteers were hunting for the bear, planning to force it back into the forest for the safety of local residents, when they found it dead.

A one-year-old female Asian black bear was found dead by a stream. (Photo by Surachai Piraksa)

Dong Yai Wildlife Reserve chief  Somsuan Raksat said the young bear might have become separated from its mother and lost its way, wandering into the village. Instinct may then have driven it to attack the villager, the official added.

Phannarai Wongwattanakit, a veterinarian from the Region 7 Protected Areas Office, examined the dead bear and found no traces of injury. An autopsy found lasia spinosa, an aquatic plant, in the stomach. The vet believed that was the cause of its death.

Cyanogenic glycoside in the plant might have affected the animal’s ability to breathe, reducing the level of oxygen in its body, she said. Lasia spinosa, or phak nam,  is often harvested and eaten as a vegetable, but must be cooked first.  It also has medicinal uses.

Written by Surachai Piraksa                                                                                      Source: Bangkok Post